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Finding the right state for your loved one to spend the next season of their life can be a challenge at times. Each state is very different from the others, and then the different parts of each state can vary greatly as well. Some states are very green on one side and more dry and desert-like on the other.


Wyoming is a great state to consider for your loved one because it has a semi-arid climate; so if your loved one doesn’t enjoy humidity, they’ll love Wyoming. It also has a wide variety of agricultural commodities such as livestock, beets, grain, wool and hay. While many people flock to the busier states of New York and California, someone who enjoys a slower pace and a more rural atmosphere, Wyoming is the perfect retreat.


You may want to keep in mind however, that Wyoming’s weather tends to be dry and more windy than much of the US, and the temperature can get very extreme in either heat or cold. So make sure that the assisted living facility you choose has an excellent heating system, as well as adequate air conditioning.


If you’re looking for a major city for your loved one to reside in, the top city with assisted living options in Wyoming is:




Here are the average monthly assisted living costs you’ll encounter in Wyoming :


Assisted Living



Homemaker Services



Home Health Aide



For Nursing Homes, the average costs of private vs semi-private rooms:


Semi-Private Room



Private Room



Besides the prices of facilities found in Wyoming, it’s also very important to research the facilities you’re interested in, making sure they are properly licensed and have no complaints filed against them. Even if you find the perfect state for your loved one’s preferences, the next step is to find a facility that is well run by professional and caring staff.


You can find out a great deal just by doing some research about each facility online. Don’t take their website’s word for everything though. A facility can make anything look good when they are posting the pictures and writing the content themselves. Make sure you visit facility review sites to see what the residents and family of residents are saying, as well as looking for public records on complaints made against any assisted living facilities.


Once you’ve done this, and made a list of reputable facilities, the most important step is visiting the facility yourself. This should always be done before any major decisions have been made. This way you and your loved one can see for yourself how the residents are cared for, and talk to the staff about any special needs and concerns your loved one may have.


You can research Wyoming’s Long-Term Ombudsman here:


Wyoming Long-Term Care Ombudsman


Other cities offering assisted living include:


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Gillette   (3)

Green River   (1)

Jackson Hole   (2)

Lander   (1)

Laramie   (1)

Lovell   (1)

Powell   (4)

Riverton   (2)

Rock Springs   (1)

Sheridan   (2)

Thayne   (1)

Thermopolis   (2)

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