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Las Vegas Nevada is widely known as a place where you can find just about any type of diversion you could think of! If your loved one loves the glitz and glamour of Vegas, the clinging of the slot machines, and the vast variety of shows and events to attend, then this city might just be just the place for your loved one to spend this next season of their lives. There certainly isn’t a lack of entertainment to be had!


But there are many other cities in Nevada that could have the perfect assisted living facility for your loved one. Many seniors prefer a quieter lifestyle, with more calm places to escape, read a good book, or engage in thoughtful conversation with those they befriend in their new assisted living community. If this is the case, then any of the areas of Vegas that are not near the Las Vegas strip would probably suit them just fine, or one of the other cities in Nevada with assisted living options.


Nevada also has an excellent climate for those advancing in years. It’s dry air and heat prevent mold from growing which can be the cause of many respiratory issues and other health issues. And for all of its allurements, Nevada is actually pretty near the national average for assisted living costs.


If you’re looking for a major city for your loved one to reside in, the top cities with assisted living options in Nevada are:


Las Vegas

North Las Vegas


Here are the average monthly assisted living costs you’ll encounter in Nevada :


Assisted Living



Homemaker Services



Home Health Aide



For Nursing Homes, the average costs of private vs semi-private rooms:


Semi-Private Room



Private Room:



Besides the prices of facilities found in Nevada , it’s also very important to research the facilities you’re interested in, making sure they are properly licensed and have no complaints filed against them. Though cost may be one of your biggest concerns, finding a facility that has caring staff, quality standards and cleanliness is a very important piece in this process.


On our blog we have many tips and check-lists to help you from A to Z in finding just the right home for your loved one. Though it may not be an easy decision for them, if they see you are doing your very best to find a new community they will love, it will definitely help them warm up to the idea of assisted living much quicker.


Besides helping your loved one mentally transition from their old living arrangement to being open to finding assisted living, it’s also important to do more than just research facilities online. Websites can be misleading, and you’ll find out a lot more about a facility by going to see if for yourself than you will by just looking at pictures online.


You can research Nevada Long-Term Ombudsman here:



Other cities offering assisted living include:


Boulder City

Carson City