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People from all over the world flock to this beautiful tropical realm to enjoy the crystal blue waters, enjoy the exotic fruits and engage in vacation activities. But this near-paradise has more than just the young surfers and sun bathers coming to it’s shores: it’s also a perfect place for seniors to retire and enjoy a new season of life.


The warmth sun and gentle ocean breathe seems to clear away all worries and stress and allow for only relaxation and comfort. Because of it’s vacation appeal you would assume that assisted living in this paradise would be at impossible prices. But it actually isn’t one of the highest states.


Perhaps the lower prices are due to the fact that relatives wouldn’t be able to come visit as easily if they don’t live on the island, but for those with family who like to travel, and a who love of tropical scenery, that may not be much of a deterrent. Who wouldn’t want to come visit Grandma or Grandpa in Hawaii?


If you’re looking for a major city for your loved one to reside in, the top cities with assisted living options in Hawaii are:




Here are the average monthly assisted living costs you’ll encounter in Hawaii :


Assisted Living Facility



Homemaker Services



Home Health Aide



As you’ll see, while assisted living is a reasonable price in Hawaii, Nursing Home prices are at least twice the cost.


For Nursing Homes, the average costs of private vs semi-private rooms:


Semi-Private Room



Private Room



There is a lot more to consider besides the location and the price. Looking into the facility itself is also very important. As you’re surveying any facility, keep a checklist handy to ensure things are clean, skillfully organized, and that the staff is friendly. It may also be helpful to talk to some of the residents, or their visiting family members, to get their opinion on how well the facility is run.


Besides the prices of facilities found in Hawaii, it’s also very important to research the facilities you’re interested in, making sure they are properly licensed and have no complaints filed against them.


You can research Hawaii, public records and facility license status’s here:




Honolulu is certainly the city with the most assisted living options in Hawaii, but many seniors actually prefer small neighborhoods. With all of Hawaii’s year-round tourists, your love one may prefer a facility that is less on the beaten path so they wont have to deal with the constant flow of tourists. If your loved one likes a quieter atmosphere and smaller community, then you may want to also check out some of the smaller surrounding towns.


Other cities offering assisted living include:


Aiea   (1)

Hauula   (1)

Hilo   (2)

Honolulu   (9)

Kailua   (1)

Kailua-Kona   (1)

Kaneohe   (2)

Kapolei   (1)

Kaunakakai   (1)

Koloa   (2)

Lihue   (1)

Mililani   (1)

Pearl City   (1)